The Business Law Group assists businesses from numerous sectors and industry with drafting the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and various types of shareholder and director resolutions. Incorporating is complex, with only certain businesses being required to file the Articles of Incorporation.

We advise business people of the benefits and risks associated with named or number corporations. For named corporations, we ensure the name complies with the requirements of the Business Corporations Act and available legal requirements.

We handle various amendments to existing corporate structures, including changes to directors and shareholders.  Depending on the type of business being incorporated, there are a number of municipal permits and licenses which must be obtained.

What are the duties of Directors?

Pursuant to Ontario’s Business Corporations Act and the Canadian Business Corporations Act, directors of a corporation are required to manage or supervise the management of the business and affairs of the corporation. Directors have important obligations imposed upon them and it is vital to understand the scope of those duties.

What is a NUANS?

A NUANS is a corporate name search report required by the federal and most provincial governments when granting a corporate name for use. This report populates similar existing names and trademarks. We advise you on whether your proposed corporate name will create confusion or conflict with existing businesses.

What is a Master Business License?

A business name registration is valid for five years and must be renewed. In Ontario, a change to a business name from a purchase and sale or a change to a business type is considered a new registration. Upon registration, you will receive your Master Business License as proof of name registration.

What is a Business License in the City of Toronto?

Certain businesses and activities in the City of Toronto require a license or permit. To avoid penalties, it is important to ensure your business license is active or assigned properly in a purchase and sale transaction.

We assist existing business owners and prospective business people incorporate number and named companies, including advising on conflicts with proposed corporate names.

We are business people. Our business, is helping your business.

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