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About Us

Donich Law is a trusted Criminal, Regulatory and Civil Law Firm in Toronto known for its national media presence, work ethic and high- quality results. We are a small business and choose to remain that way, only selecting the issues we able to fix and people we can help.  In a short period of time, we have built a reputation for solving complicated and risky legal problems across Canada.

We have travelled across the country helping people from British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories to Newfoundland and are trusted to represent the interest of legal insurance plan members here in Ontario.

  • 10+ Years in Business. Excess Liability Insured.
  • Low volume Practice, Client turnover and Caseload.

  • Minimum of 2 Lawyers on most Files. Around-the-clock availability for existing clients.

  • Dual Civil and Criminal Practice. American and Canadian Legal Education.

  • Experienced with International Crime and defeating multi-million dollar civil actions in Ontario.

What We Do

Pre-Arrest Defence

Retaining the right lawyers early can reduce the likelyhood of being charged and convicted of a crime.

Civil & Regulatory Defence

We have defended civil actions in the millions and represent the interest of regulated professionals.

Criminal Litigation

Experience defeating conspiracy, organized crime, weapons, sex offences and internet crime.


Defend workplace investigations for sexual misconduct, theft, fraud and unlawful employee misconduct.


Get help and legal advice early before a worry becomes a serious liability or criminal problem.

Crisis & Risk Management

Experienced with reputation management and discreetly concealing embarassing problems.

Our Products

  • No Commitments

  • Video + Audiobook

  • On-Demand access

  • Keep it and Use it

  • Good Price

  • Great Value!

Understand the Canadian Justice System

This program covers how cirminal charges are prosecuted in Canada. It begins with an explanation of the investigation process, common mistakes made, handling the first court date, key rights and important defence strategies.

Understanding Sexual Assault Allegations

This program covers sexual assault allegations in the justice system. It begins with an explanation of the investigation process, common mistakes made by an accused person who is falsely accused, key rights and the latest defence strategies.

The Basics

Elements of an Offence

Your Rights

Consequences of a Record

Workplace Investigations

Financial Crimes

Online Sex Offences

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Breakfast Television

Mental Health Concerns in the Justice System.


The Difference between Criminal and Civil Liability.

CTV News National

The Rise of Gun Violence in Toronto.

Global News

New Changes to Pardons in Canada.

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