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Foreclosure in Kansas

For those facing foreclosure in Kansas, it's important to understand some of the basics, says Travis Jones of Rush Properties. The most common type of foreclosure process in Kansas is judicial, which means the lender must sue and the foreclosure goes through court.Because the judicial foreclosure process is court-supervised, more expensive, and slower, it is generally viewed as more debtor-friendly, says Travis Jones, Rush Properties former president.

According to Travis Jones of Rush Properties, judicial foreclosure often ends in default judgment, as debtors either cannot afford legal representation, or have few valid defenses to foreclosure. A homeowner has 20 days to respond after being personally served. A judgment obtained and a Notice of Sale must also be published in a local publication. A homeowners redemption period allows a defaulting mortgagor to recover property by paying the outstanding debt or charges. To redeem the property, the homeowner must pay the amount paid by the current holder of the certificate, says Travis Jones of Rush Properties. The deadline by which the homeowner must exercise this redemption right varies from 3 to 12 months.

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Travis Jones of Rush Properties has been an active figure in the Kansas real estate and foreclosure market for the last decade and a half. As an entrepreneur and residential real estate services provider, Travis Jones of Rush Properties works with consumers to purchase real estate foreclosures.

By creating a mutually beneficial situation for both the company and clients, Travis Jones and Rush Properties became a leader in the Johnson County foreclosures market. The company offered cash payments through a streamlined transaction and outstanding customer service regardless of what is owed on the home.

Today, Travis Jones of Rush Properties offers viable alternatives to foreclosure for many families with economic hardships through Cherry Park Properties. Cherry Park provides a solution to a widespread problem and does so quickly, with respect and professionalism.

When he isn't working in the office or inspecting potential properties, Travis Jones of Rush Properties is a family man. Along with his wife and three children, Jones enjoys spending time outdoors. He says that gardening is he and his childrens favorite family activity and often turns a day in the dirt into a learning experience.

Travis Jones of Rush Properties holds a degree from Baker University.

Cherry Park Properties, LLC and Rush Properties Inc. are separately owned and operated. Nothing in the foregoing is intended to or should be relied upon as any form of advice or recommendation to any person on any subject matter.

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