Donich Law is a small team of experienced, driven lawyers, dedicate to offering results oriented, cost-effective, and multilingual services in Brampton, Toronto, and throughout Ontario.

We are headquartered in Toronto, but strive to represent clients throughout all of Southwest Ontario, including Brampton. We offer our clients creative, comprehensive solutions to their legal problems, whether these be criminal charges, professional regulatory inquiries or hearings, or civil matters. The Firm is involved in the local community and regularly participates in various political, business and charitable events throughout Toronto.

We want to work with you to resolve your matter. Navigating the judicial system will always be complicated and stressful, and will be even more so if your lawyer does not take the time to make sure you understand what is happening. That is why we pride ourselves on explaining every step of the process to our clients, so that they make the best decisions for them.

We also work hard to educate the public, with our counsel having been contacted for expert commentary by new media in Ontario, Canada, and abroad. We are particularly noted for our familiarity with newer and developing areas of criminal law, such as “Internet Crimes”, an umbrella term covering Child Pornography allegations, Financial Crimes, Cloud Computing and new sophisticated law enforcement Search Tactics. We are dedicated to learning and teaching criminal law as it interacts with new technology, and are passionate about the intersection of privacy, technology, and the law.

Our team has handled many high-profile cases, including publicized voyeurism cases on subways, visiting athletes facing criminal charges, abuse allegations within religious communities, and the Peel Region’s largest child pornography sting. We have acted for high-profile tenants facing illegal conduct on the part of their landlords.

No matter how complicated your matter is, how large it is, or how high-profile it is, we know that no legal problems are “small” for our clients facing them, and we pursue all of them with extreme care for every detail.

We have defended students, teachers, government workers, paralegals, young professionals, construction workers, police officers, and have likely helped clients like you, facing legal challenges like yours.

Why You Need an Experienced Criminal Lawyer

Before you speak to the police, it is in your best interest to consult with a criminal lawyer. The Criminal justice system is extremely complicated, and even if you can learn where to appear, what constitutes a crime, and what you need to submit, it takes years to master the process. Criminal records mar peoples’ ability to make a living, to say nothing about punishment itself. If you want the best chance of presenting your case effectively, ensuring your rights are respected, and using the process to your advantage, our team of criminal lawyers have built their careers on helping people like you through this process.

Toronto Courthouses

We are able to represent clients in any of Toronto’s courthouses, as well as in cities across Ontatio.

311 Jarvis St.

Toronto ON M5B 2C4


361 University Ave.

Toronto ON M5G 1T3


1911 Eglinton Ave East

Toronto ON M1L 4P4


444 Yonge St., College Park – 2nd Fl.

Toronto ON M5B 2H4


1000 Finch Ave. West

Toronto ON M3J 2V5


2201 Finch Ave. West

Toronto ON M9M 2Y9


60 Queen St. W. Old City Hall

Toronto ON M5H 2M4


The New Toronto Courthouse

While not ready yet, a new courthouse being built in downtown Toronto will amalgamate many of the smaller provincial criminal courts. The project is intended to bring most criminal proceedings under one roof, as well as to enhance access to other services, such as mental health professionals, youth and drug courts, and services for indigenous persons.

The new court will be located near the intersection of University Avenue and Queen Street West. It is projected to be ready and operational sometime in 2021.

However, the new project is contentious. Some, including experienced criminal lawyers, have expressed concern that an appropriate environment for some may not be appropriate for others. In particular, an environment for young offenders located proximately to courts for adult offenders presents problems, as it may introduce young offenders to inappropriate relationships or create an outwardly hostile environment that does not foster openness or rehabilitation. The firm’s location in downtown Toronto also risks placing it out of reach of some low-income offenders who are located further away from the city’s core. Should this also divert funds from courts remaining throughout the city, it may pose difficulties for the accused without easy access to transportation who hope to reach rehabilitation services.

Jordan Donich

Jordan came to the law having already built a career as a businessman, and understand how your legal issues will impact your business and livelihood. His background negotiating more than $1 million of transactions for some of Canada’s largest telecommunications businesses has carried over into his dealings with counsel and in the courtroom.

Jordan’s practice centres around criminal defence, specializing in complex cases involving Domestic AssaultsImpaired Driving/Over 80Sex Offences and Financial Crimes, but extends to civil litigation. He is fluent in both English and French, and is comfortable providing legal services in either language.

Many of Jordan’s clients are alleged first time offenders, or are professionals charged with crimes, including employees of CIBC, Canada Boarder Services (CBSA), Canada Pension Plan, Scotiabank, Investors Group, TTC, Local Construction Unions, Hospital Staff, Pharmacists, Institutional Traders, Accountants, Teachers, Paralegals and even internal Law Society staff

He frequently speaks to the media, providing insight into the criminal justice process to from CityNews680NewsCP24AM900 CHMLThe RecordCTV NewsMetro NewsChatelaine MagazineOmny.fmCBC NewsThomson ReutersToronto StarLaw TimesGlobal News and internationally to Forbes and Business Insider.

Outside of his practice, Mr. Donich holds a black belt in Karate though the Japan Karate Association, and has competed at both the provincial and the national level. In 2004, he won a gold medal at the 2004 National Championships. He was also published in 2005 and featured in the National Newspaper Award.

Stuart O’Connell

Stuart O’Connell studied law at the University of British Columbia, beginning his career articling with Alan D. Gold, a preeminent Canadian Criminal Lawyer. In addition, he holds a Master’s degree with distinction in law from Osgoode Hall, and has taught over a dozen courses during his time as a law professor. He frequently contributes to Canadian law journals, offering his services as a peer-reviewer, and his own works and arguments have been cited before and by the justices of the Supreme Court of Canada. Stuart continues to work with the Law Society to develop the accreditation process for new lawyers in Ontario.

Stuart is not shy about taking matters to trial or a hearing; he is a well-recognized trial and appellate lawyer, and appears frequently before the Ontario Court of Justice, The Superior Court of Justice, as well as many tribunals. Whether working with Donich Law or in association with other firms, Stuart is often lead trial counsel in complex civil and criminal disputes.

Stuart is a litigator first and foremost, and is comfortable in the civil, administrative, and criminal context. He works alongside our firm on many of our most complex matters, particularly high profile sexual assault allegations, violent crimes, and “internet crimes”. He is particularly dedicated to Landlord and Tenant Law, educating new lawyers about the field and working with both landlords and tenants to deal with harassment, non-payment, and eviction.

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