We handle civil litigation disputes in Small Claims Court where the limit is presently $25,000 and matters before the Superior Court of Justice where claims can be substantially higher. Depending on the level of damage being pursued, you will be required to initiate or defend proceedings in different courts.

The range of disputes which can fall within the scope of civil litigation is virtually endless. For each file we carefully review the evidence to strategically position your argument. We are committed to effective and persuasively representing your interests.

Civil litigation is very complex, with different requirements depending on the level of court the proceeding falls within.

What is a Cause of Action?

A cause of action is a set of legal elements and facts that provides the right to sue for damages, property or enforcement of a right.

What is the Commercial List?

The Commercial List is a specialized division of the Superior Court of Justice in the Toronto region for certain actions, applications and motions in commercial law. Certain judges with specialized expertise or knowledge in this branch administer it.

We assist businesses with proceedings under the commercial list in Toronto.

What is the Estates List?

The Estates List handles contested matters involving wills, power of attorney, trusts, Succession Law Reform Act claims, estates and application involving mental incompetency in the Toronto region.

We assist families involved in Will challenges with proceedings under the estates list in Toronto.

What is an Action?

Actions are a type of originating process, and are most commonly commenced by issuing a statement of claim. The statement of claim notifies the defendant of several important details including the fact that a legal proceeding has been commenced and the consequences of failing to defend.

Can I claim Interest on Judgment?

In Ontario, the Courts of Justice Act provides the amount and when interest may be included in judgments. Interest awarded may be prejudgment and/or postjudgement with rates possibly differing for both.

Civil litigation is a complex and detailed area of law. It is important to ensure all the appropriate precautions are taken in advance to avoid possible delays and increases in costs. We initiate and strategically defend a range of complex civil litigation disputes.

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