A record suspension, formerly called a pardon, allows people who were convicted of a criminal offence and completed their sentence to apply to have their criminal record kept separate and apart if they have been law abiding citizens for a number of prescribed years. The Criminal Law Group specializes in Pardon Appeals and U.S. Waivers for Canadians with criminal convictions seeking entry into the United States of America.

Pursuant to the Criminal Records Act, the Parole Board of Canada may order, refuse or revoke a record suspension for convictions under federal acts or regulations. Upon being granted a record suspension, all information pertaining to convictions will be withdrawn from the Canadian Police Information Centre and may not be disclosed without permissions from the Minister of Public Safety Canada.

There are numerous important steps with specific time limitations which must be properly executed when applying for a record suspension. We have handled countless complex pardon and record suspension applications for a variety of serious criminal offences.

A record suspension is your chance to start from a clean slate. It removes the stereotype associated with a criminal record and hosts a range of employment and travel benefits. Although the application is lengthy and complex, sometimes taking a number of years to complete, your application will only be completed by an experienced lawyer.

Our practice deal with in time-sensitive Pardon Appeals, where the Parole Board of Canada proposes to deny a pardon application within 90 days pursuant to the enumerated sections in the Criminal Records Act. Grounds to deny the application  may include a lack of good conduct or granting a pardon would bring the administration of justice into disrepute among others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who May Apply for a Record Suspension?
Are any Offences Ineligible?
How Long Before I can Apply for a Record Suspension?
Can a Record Suspension be Denied?

Who May Apply for a Record Suspension?

A person may apply for a record suspension if he or she was convicted of an offence under a federal act or regulation of Canada. This process is not restricted to Canadian citizens, other eligible individuals may also apply

Are any Offences Ineligible?

Certain enumerated offences are not eligible for a record suspension, some including sexual offences against children.

How Long Before I can Apply for a Record Suspension?

The timeframe before you can apply for a record suspension depends on the nature of the offence.  A period of 5 years before applying for a summary offence is required. For indictable offences, a period of 10 years before applying is necessary. However, new legislation has been recently enacted, thus the period may be longer based on the date of conviction.

Can a Record Suspension be Denied?

If it is found the applicant is not of good conduct, the Parole Board of Canada may deny the application. We handle a range of contested and complex pardon applications. We handle Pardon Appeals to the Parole Board of Canada which typically require a 90 Day Timeline.

Applying for a pardon or record suspension is a chance for a fresh start. We are committed to delivering results and carefully completing your application.

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