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DONICH LAW is a leading multilingual full-service Toronto Law Firm dedicated to providing creative legal solutions in criminal defence, business law, family and civil litigation and estates. We bring a different approach to law, with a focus on practical results, client satisfaction and cost-efficient legal solutions. Our multicultural practice delivers first-class service to both domestic and international clients.

The Criminal Law Group strategically defends all charges, irrespective of size or complexity. Depending on the nature of the offence, we work with toxicologists, forensic accountants and computer analysts. We specialize in defending people facing allegation of assault, sexual assault, drinking and driving, fraud, weapon offences and tax evasion among others. We thoroughly analyze each case for its own unique strengths, providing our clients with a comprehensive, creative and vigorous defence.

Our objective in Family and Civil litigation disputes is to obtain cost-efficient, comprehensive settlements. Where appropriate, we utilize a range of dispute resolution tools and persuasively advance court applications. The Family Law Group devotes a significant area of practice to family tax law and complex imputed income and child support disputes, specifically for business owners of medical practices, pharmacies, accounting businesses and restaurants among others, frequently handling a range of complex income disputes where one spouse often attempts to conceal income. We are dedicated to a collaborative, results-oriented approach to Family Law, litigating as a last form of resolution. We also handle a range of domestic contract agreements for heterosexual and same-sex couples.

The Business Law Group provides business owners, manufacturers and suppliers, construction companies and developers with practical legal solutions. We handle business structures and reorganization for small and mid-sized businesses. The Business Law Group assists businesses with purchase and sale transactions, commercial leasing, contracts, secured transactions, tax assessments, and with partnership and shareholder disputes. Our objective is to help businesses reduce risk through the use of strategic planning and creative thinking.
The Estates Group assists people and business owners with preparing Wills, Naming Powers of Attorney, Trustee Applications, Estate Administration, Probate and Estate Litigation. We are proud to offer mobile service for elderly individuals at home or in hospital.
We are business people. Our business, is helping your business.

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At Jordan Donich Law Professional Corporation we really look at becoming a lawyer incredibly sincerely. We all realize that truly when folks are browsing for a tip-top lawyer based in Toronto these people require the ideal. This is exactly why all of us push to be really the finest lawyer we could possibly be around Ontario. It is really our determination to truly remaining the greatest that has generated all of us extremely good admiration here with each of our clientele.

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Our commitment to quality is definitely extraordinarily substantial. Should you be wanting to become a tip-top lawyer based in Toronto or a tip-top lawyer based in Toronto, there's seriously no other route but to give it your very best to shine. In case any specific purchaser calls for further care, we all offer this valued purchaser more care. Just about anything for us to make sure they are very happy with us as a lawyer. Remember that, we do work with virtually all of Ontario, therefore please contact us.

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Our valued clientele have occasionally referred to us all as a tip-top lawyer based in Toronto, a tip-top lawyer based in Toronto, a tip-top lawyer based in Toronto and also the best Ontario based lawyer you can find! That would not develop unless there's amazingly diligent work and also investment in the businesses consumers and then the unparalleled quality bestowed within your work. If you'll be looking around for a tip-top lawyer based in Toronto, we truly believe that we are truly the most effective selection. Phone Jordan Donich Law Professional Corporation to speak about your current requirements immediately! 416 333 3623.

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In any sector, experience is usually a key issue relating to good results. When you will be searching for a tip-top lawyer based in Toronto, well then this point is more legitimate. Being a lawyer, we can certainly tell you categorically how the ultimate quality is certainly determined simply by the experience of the corporation that you have been contracting. The excessively huge amount of practical knowledge which Jordan Donich Law Professional Corporation has got being a tip-top lawyer based in Toronto, is simply exactly why a person ought to believe in us all for your valued critical requirements. Whenever you will be shopping to get a tip-top lawyer based in Toronto, think of Jordan Donich Law Professional Corporation. Remember to talk to all of us straightaway.

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