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Donich Law is a well established Toronto Law Firm, offering skilled legal representation for both domestic and international clients. Our lawyers have both Canadian and American legal education. With a results-oriented approach, our clients benefit from successful and cost-efficient legal solutions.

Through skillful advocacy, we deliver practical legal results in Criminal Defence, Professional Regulation and Civil Litigation. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, we offer each client comprehensive and creative legal representation. We explore all avenues of success and available strategies.

Irrespective of the size or complexity of the matter, each file is pursued with the same attention to detail. To best deliver on client expectations, the Firm regularly works in association with other lawyers and legal professionals. We carefully canvass each matter and utilize its own strengths and unique circumstances.

We provide our clients with a thorough understanding of their best legal options. Beyond Toronto, we actively service southern Ontario. The Firm is involved in the local community and regularly participates in various political, business and charitable events throughout Toronto.

Jordan Donich

Jordan Donich has been a lawyer for over 10 years and represents clients in English and French in civil litigation, professional regulation and criminal defence. His background in cybersecurity is the basis for the Firm’s dedicated practice in internet crime. He is known as a leader in Canada’s legal tech sector, and the developer of Law Newbie.

Jordan Donich has been consulted for expert commentary from CTV National NewsCBC Radio – As it Happens, National PostCityNewsCanadian Lawyer Magazine680News, CP24CHML, AM640 RadioScott Thompson Show, The Bill Kelly ShowThe RecordCTV NewsChatelaine Magazine, Omny.fmCBC News, Toronto StarLaw Times, Global News, Breakfast TelevisionMétro MontréalThe Globe and Mail and VICE News.

He is a regular guest on Global News Radio, has appeared in American Media and lectures at the Schulich School of Business. He has also been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Law Times and is regularly involved in various political, business and charitable events in Toronto.

Jordan Donich regularly defends professionals, first offenders and represents the interests of large union and legal insurance plan members. Many of his clients are new immigrants to Canada, permanent residents or are here on a visa. He has represented professional athletes, actors, sports leagues and successfully defended employees of large financial institutions, Canada Border Services (CBSA), Canada Pension Plan, Scotiabank, Investors Group, TTC, Local Construction Unions, Hospital Staff, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Accountants, Teachers and Toronto Firefighters facing criminal charges.

In April, 2018, he secured a withdrawal of Importing Firearms, Careless Storage of Ammunition and Possession of Prohibited Weapons, by a Toronto Fire Captain gun collector with a $100,000.00 firearm collection in his R. v. L.K [2018], where the accused was facing 3 years in prison. In January, 2019, he resolved a Careless Storage of a Firearm and Ammunition allegation without a criminal record, where a gun collector had nearly 50 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition, including a Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum and S.K.S. rifle sitting on a bed in his R. v. R.L. [2019]. He secured a withdrawal of all charges of Assault against the President of a Martial Arts Team competing in 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games in his R. v. J.F.  [2015]. In August 2016, he resolved an Assault Bodily Harm without a criminal record where the complainant had a broken zygomatic bone in his R. v. R.S. [2016]. In his R. v. A.N. [2013], he secured a withdrawal on all counts of Fraud, Possession of Property Obtained by Crime and Uttering Forged Documents for a $56,000.00 Royal Bank of Canada financial transaction, in addition to recovering all seized financial assets. In late 2017, he secured a withdrawal of allegedly uttering a forged Toronto Police Vulnerable Sector Check against a TTC applicant in his R. v. S.D. [2017].

In May 2018, in his R. v. Z.U. [2018], he stayed nine (9) fraud charges, including money laundering foreign proceeds of crime from the United States in an approximate $1 Million international Gold Bullion investigation. Money was allegedly being stolen from senior citizens and converted to gold for cross-border transport and sale. In April, 2019, he resolved a $170,000.00 combined civil and criminal employer fraud allegation without a criminal record in his R. v. O.I [2019]. In January, 2017, in his R. v. S.A. [2017], he resolved a $50,000.00 Fraud allegation against a Canada Post employee without a criminal record. In his R. v. D.D. [2017], he resolved an $18,500.00 cash theft from a CIBC bank employee without a record. In his R. v. S.C. [2015] he resolved a $60,000.00 HomeSense employee fraud ring without a criminal conviction. He further secured a full withdrawal of all counts of Fraud and Theft by a BMO Bank Teller  accused of robbing the bank on the job in his  R. v. G.G [2015].

He has handled a number of complex Shoplifting and Theft allegations in Toronto, in his R. v. K.L. [2015], he secured a full Withdrawal of eight (8) Theft and Fraud Under $5,000 related charges, including Conspiracy to Commit an Indictable Offence. In his R. v. J.A. [2016], he secured a withdrawal of 3 Theft, Attempt Theft and Fraud Charges against the accused who was allegedly involved in an internal employer-employee Theft Ring where $3000.00 in Blue Jays merchandise went missing from the Rogers Center. In his R. v. S.G. [2020] he resolved a $52,423.00 USD internal employee fraud without a criminal record after a Director of the retail organization was allegedly caught divesting money to a shell company. The sophisticated scheme involved the creation of a false company and invoices.

In March 2018, he stayed a Sexual Assault and Forcible confinement allegation in a Swiss Chalet washroom against a co-worker in a secret affair, the accused even allegedly made an apology by text message. He conducted a complex s.276 application and recovered forensic data from a cloud backup ultimately showing the complainant deleted other exculpatory text messages in his R. v. S.L. [2018].

In January 2018, after 3 years of litigation, he secured an acquittal of sexual assault, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching from nearly 20 years ago in his R. v. D.D. [2018]. In February 2018, he secured a withdrawal of 11 Sexual Assault and Sexual Interference charges advanced by numerous child complainants in his R. v. Z.C. [2018]. In August 2017, after 3 years of litigation in his R. v. M.M. [2017], he secured a withdrawal of a historical Sexual Interference and Sexual Assault allegation from 1977 when the complainant was 5 years old, the allegation was made nearly 40 years later.

In July 2019, in his R. v. A.E. [2019] he secured a withdrawal of sexual assault, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching from 1985 related to sexual misconduct on a family member in Perth Ontario. In his R. v. R.K. [2014], he secured a withdrawal of Sexual Assault against a Jehovah Witness. In November, 2015, he secured a withdrawal of two counts of Sexual Assault where two female students fabricated allegations of Sexual Assault in his R. v. K.C. [2015]. In his R. v. J.S. [2017], after 2 years of litigation, he secured a withdrawal of two counts of Sexual Assault where the accused allegedly sexually assaulted a Canada Post co-worker. In his R. v. Y.E. [2017],  he prevented a sexual assault charge from being laid against a prominent Toronto Realtor, after proving the allegation was fabricated in a sex tape.

In his R. v. D.N. [2016], after a 3 day trial, he secured a full acquittal on all counts of Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference and Invitation to Sexual Touching where the accused was alleged to have sexually assaulted a 10 year old child a decade ago. In his R. v. M.S. [2014] he defended the “streaker” charged at the Toronto Blue Jays Home Opener. Mr. Donich further secured a withdrawal for Over 80 and Impaired Driving in his R. v. M.Z. [2014], where the driver, a daughter of an OPP officer, flipped the vehicle in a collision and had breathalyzer readings of over 160 mgs. In his R. R. [2015] the accused was found with over 3 Grams of Cocaine, Mr. Donich resolved it without a Criminal Record.

In July 2018, after nearly 2 years of litigation, he secured a withdrawal of Arson – Disregard for Human Life in his R. v. A.T. [2018], where the accused was facing up to life imprisonment after an extensive investigation between Toronto Police and the Toronto Fire Marshall. It was alleged the offender nearly burnt down an apartment building in Toronto with 75 units and caused over $100,000.00 in damage. The Firm defeated the allegation by challenging the Crown expert witness and Fire Marshall’s conclusions about the source and origin of the fire. The accused was also not held responsible for any civil damages.

In January 2019 after a year of litigation, he resolved an Assault Bodily Harm allegation against the son of a CFO without a criminal record where the complainant had a fractured jaw. This was achieved after discovering exculpatory evidence on video surveillance in his R. v. S.G. [2019]. In March 2017, he secured a withdrawal of Domestic Assault against a Canada Border Services Officer, whose firearm was taken on the job prior to his arrest by other officers in his R. v. P.S. [2017]. He secured a withdrawal of all charges of Criminal Harassment against an Actor charged with sending numerous emails and voicemails to the complainant in his R. v. A.C. [2016]. Mr. Donich further secured a withdrawal of Over 80, where a Bay Street Institutional Trader was caught at a RIDE in his R. v. M.V. [2014].

In late December, 2014, two days before Christmas, he secured Judicial Interim Release for an Accessory to Murder in Downtown Toronto. In November, 2016, he secured a withdrawal of 9 Sex Charges against a TTC Driver Charged with Nine (9) Sex Crimes, including Luring.

Jordan Donich comes to law from a successful business career and he continues to guest lecture to young entrepreneurs and business students at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto.

He has worked with the Toronto Homicide Squad and Guns and Gangs Prosecution to broker the transfer of evidence in Homicide investigations He has successfully negotiated undertakings directly with Toronto Police Major Crimes and Firearms Enforcement Unit to surrender firearms, automatic weapons and ammunition without charges even being laid.

Jordan Donich is a licensed black belt in Karate and Instructor with the Japan Karate Association (JKA). He won a gold medal in Team Kumite at the 2004 Canadian National Championships, was published in 2005 by the Canadian Press and featured in the Canadian National Newspaper Award.

In addition to Karate, he has also been trained in Krav Maga, widely regarded as the most effective form of hand-to-hand combat.


STUART O'CONNELLCounsel in Association

Stuart O’Connell is counsel in association with the Firm on complex Criminal, Civil and Regulatory Defence files, he has been running trials with Jordan Donich since 2013. Mr. O’Connell is a distinguished legal academic and holds a Masters in Law with Distinction. He was a law school professor at the University of Ottawa and is presently completing his PhD in Law at Queen’s University. Mr. O’Connell also runs his own successful independent practice, and frequently joins forces with Mr. Donich on highly complex matters, providing the ideal chemistry for the Firm’s customers.

Mr. O’Connell was also an actor and light-heavyweight boxer who fought at Dublin’s National Stadium.


Carley Reynolds is a lawyer and has worked with the Firm since 2017. Her practice includes criminal, civil and regulatory defence. Ms. Reynolds has commanding knowledge of the law, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and has both her Canadian and American Law Degree. Prior to joining the Firm, she worked as duty counsel at the 36th District Court in downtown Detroit in the United States.

Ms. Reynolds frequently represents clients facing allegations of regulatory misconduct and serious criminal charges throughout Ontario. She regularly appears in local and national media with the Firm, commenting on the latest legal trends in Canada.


Jackielyn Guanzon is a designated Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountant (CPA, CGA). Ms. Guanzon handles file management and general Firm operations.

Ms. Guanzon has assisted the Firm when it has appeared before the CPA Ontario Professional Conduct Committee and also works for the University Health Network as a Senior Business Analyst, including having worked in Financial Reporting and Treasury.

Ms. Guanzon does not offer legal services nor provides any form of accounting services to the Firm and/or the public. She does not work with the Firm in the capacity of a CPA, CGA.