Fraudulent Transactions

Fraudulent Transactions

Offences associated to fraudulent transactions relating to contracts and trade are contained in Part X of the Criminal Code. This part of the Code contains offences that require the offender to use deceit or trickery to deprive a person, an entity, or the public of money, property, or other security to financially benefit the offender. Offences contained in this section include fraud, identity theft offences, and falsifying employment records. 

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In criminal cases, there are very strict rules governing what evidence can be used and how it can be used.

The rights enjoyed of all those within Canada are contained in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Criminal procedure is the process by which an accused person is arrested and brought through the justice system.

Sentencing refers to the punishment that is ordered when an individual is found guilty of a criminal offence.

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Offences in Canada are listed in the Criminal Code. They include crimes related to people, vehicles and weapons.